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The Bob Hope Show was a beloved comedy series broadcast from 1935 to 1955 on NBC. Bob Hope (born as Leslie Townes Hope) was a British-born American comedian and actor who appeared on Broadway, in radio, on television and in movies and performed globally. Known for his patriotism, Bob Hope was highly regarded for his work with the US Armed Forces and his numerous USO tours entertaining American military personnel. Throughout his career, Bob Hope was honored on many occasions for his humanitarian work. His popularity manifested itself in the wide and long reach of his career.

Bob Hope was one of America's most cherished stars. He was often compared to Bing Crosby whose place in American history was as important as Hope's. However, they had distinctively different styles on the air. While Bing Crosby was mellow and easeful, Bob Hope was much like a "machine gun" firing jokes one after the other.

There are 189 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Guest Olivia DeHavilland October 4, 1938
Guest Martha Raye November 1, 1938
Guest - Constance Bennett September 27, 1938
Guest - Chico Marx November 8, 1938
Guest - Dagwood & Blondie December 20, 1938
Guest - Betty Grable April 11, 1939
Taking Peter to Toyland December 12, 1939
Guest Judy Garland March 7, 1939
From Cleveland Mary Martin June 10, 1941
Guest - Dizzy Dean March 11, 1941
Guest Kate Smith April 1, 1941
Guest - Basil Rathbone January 28, 1941
Guest Huphrey Bogart June 3, 1941
Guest Hedda Hopper April 15, 1941
Long Beach Ferry Command December 29, 1942
Guest - Betty Davis October 13, 1942
Guest - Edward Everett Horton January 20, 1942
Guest Jerry Colonna March 17, 1942
Guest - Claudette Colbert May 5, 1942
Guest Rita Hayworth January 5, 1943
Guest Orson Welles September 28, 1943
Guest Jane Wyman November 9, 1943
Guest - Dorothy Lamour Paulette Goddard February 9, 1943
Guest - Cary Grant December 28, 1943
From Stockton Air Field May 25, 1943

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